About Sue.

An Australian artist painting for the challenge, fascination and achievement of capturing a moment in time on canvas.

Moments in Time,

People and Places

Sue is an Australian artist, living in Mosman, Sydney. She has painted for enjoyment for many years, but only displayed her works over the last eighteen years. From 2000 to 2003, while living in England, Sue studied drawing and watercolour, and over the next few years, painted in watercolour, depicting rural and urban scenes.

In 2006, and now back in Australia, she began to paint in oils, influenced by the French Impressionist artists, and others, including Nicholas de Stael, Jacques Daufin, Richard Diebenkorn, and Linda Christensen. The Australian tonalists, such as Max Meldrum, also have a strong influence on her work. Sue became interested in creating semi-abstract images of people in the landscape, capturing moments in time on her canvas. She enjoys the process of creating an image, from the initial concept through to the application of the paint with palette knife, spatula and brush.

Sue is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW, and has received numerous awards. Examples of her work can be seen in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.